Torino 2019 European Master Games

Arne Grostad
The city of Torino, Italy, will hold the European Masters Games in 2019, from July 26th to August 4th.
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Dear Sir or Madam,
The city of Torino, Italy, will hold the European Masters Games in 2019, from July 26th to August 4th.
"The Weightlifing Competition will be organised starting on 26th of July till 31st of July at the Venue "Sport Palace D'Oria", Via Torino 55, CIRIE', TURIN.
The Venue is located very close to the Airport of Turin Caselle, exactly two metrotrain stops from the Airport. You could take the train directly inside the Airport at ground floor, direction "north" and in only 5 minutes you'll be into the station of Ciriè City. The Venue is just 200 metres straight down from this station. The Masters Weightlifting Competition will be run directly from the European Masters Weightlifting Committtee with Technical Control of Mr. Bill Barton. Registrations are now open till June 30th at 24.00. For any logistics information:"
Facts are the same of an Olympic Game: 80 disciplines, 30 sports, 60 sport venues, and more the 10.000 between athletes and families. But EMG Torino 2019 means not only sport, but arts and culture.
Torino welcomes the Masters offering a varied and rich cultural, artistic and naturalistic patrimony: Royal Residences, courtly squares and protected areas of the Unesco’s heritage.
The sports competitions will be held in prestigious competition venues: parks, scenic routes and historical of the territory.
Many sports are born in Turin such as gymnastics, shooting, riding, fencing, rowing and swimming, and Universiadi were created in Turin in 1959.
The city is recognized among the ten emerging destinations in Europe. The renovation of the last ten years – since the city hosted the XX Winter Olympic Games of Torino 2006 – has made it a capital of sport and art, an ideal destination for a holiday full of culture and entertainment.
Its now booming contemporary art and architecture, live-music scene and innovative food and wine culture are definitely aspects you’ll want to discover.
Here you will find enclose the Weightlifting competition schedule, our weightlifting mascotte and the promotion poster of the event.
Go to and register now.
For any info, do not hesitate to contact us replying to this email.
Loris Gherra
Comitato Organizzatore EMG Torino 2019 Ferrucci 122
10141 Torino (TO) - Italy
+39 011 011 257 43