VM Masters 2017 - INFO

Tryggve Duun
Vi har mottatt informasjon om VM for masters som går av stabelen i Auckland i slutten av april.

Litt info fra IWF masters:

Dear Sport friends,

Please note the following regarding the 2017WMG:

The IWF Masters Committee will be in Auckland running the championship, but will not take any responsibility on the entire organization, as this is been fully taken care of by the NZ and WMG organizers.

- A separate entry form and fee towards the IWF Masters does not apply, you can go ahead with your registration at the WMG website:

- The revenue from a WMG is collected only for the WMG organizers, the IWF Masters Committee never receives any payment from this!

- This means that any financial issues have to be dealt with directly with the organizers.

- The IWF Masters Committee will be there to assist you in anyway we can..as usual.

- The competition schedule will be produced after the deadline of registration.

- The WMG organizer allow late entries after 31 January 2017 ,to be accepted for an additional fee of  NZS 50.

- Weightlifting and Orienteering are the only sports where 2 records can be broken: the WMG-  and World Masters  records.

- For transportation, accommodation, visa etc..you are kindly asked to contact the WMG organizer directly:

- If the registration reaches 400 lifters +  we will conduct the championship over the usual 8 days, Please find attached the proposed Time table.

- The Weightlifting Venue is around 15,5 km outside of Auckland city.

- Women's new weight class will be changed according to the IWF rules starting from January 2017.

- If anybody wants to go up or down his/her body weight category, please inform the IWF Masters secretariat by email before Friday 19 April 2017.

 Women: 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, 90, 90+kg so please get in touch with the WMG organizer if your body weight fits in the new body weight categories and you have registered  already.

Please find attached the latest online guidelines published by the WMG organizer. The following sections are subject to change and you will be notified at a later stage, but as soon as possible:

- The time and location of the Technical meeting will be given after the deadline of registration, but as usual the Friday before the beginning of the competition.

- The date, time and location of the Congress of Nations will be announced after the deadline of registration.

- Tuesday 25 April 2017 is also Anzac Day – a national Memorial day; the competition will start in the afternoon.

Team registrations close on 31 Jan 2017, with individual athletes being able to join existing teams until registrations close on 31 March 2017. Any sport may close at an earlier date if the maximum capacity has been reached. Individual sports will remain open after 31 Jan 2017 but are open subject to availability and any registrations will incur a late fee of NZ$50.

The IWF Masters wishes you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas Festive and a Healthy, Wealthy fulfilled 2017. See you in Auckland.

Best Wishes,
Denise Offermann
IWF Masters Chairperson
2231, Latsia, Nicosia
Tel.: +357 96 710022